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2017 Yangon Property Market Predictions

Posted on January 27, 2017 by mdladmin in Commercial Property, Latest News, Office in yangon, Property Market, Residential Property

27 Jan 2017 – Colliers Myanmar released ten 2017 Yangon property market predictions earlier this week, covering a wide range of property categories from apartments and condos, to hotels, warehouses and malls.  They even mention the market seeing a true long-term mortgage for local owners (which would be fantastic).

In short, expect condo rental rates to continue dropping, look for more and cheaper international hotels, and you should have plenty of new indoor shopping options this rainy season.  You may be sharing that elevator ride to work with a recently-arrived insurance executive, too, before the end of the year.

Here’s the full list of predictions:

  1. Flight to Better Quality Serviced Apartments to Become More Evident.
  2. Insurance Companies to Help Fuel Office Space Demand.
  3. More Engagement Between Hotel Owners and Mid-Tier Foreign Operators.
  4. Continuous Woes for Residential Condominiums.
  5. Banks to Design Housing Mortgage with Long Term Loans.
  6. Stronger Interest for Factory Buildings, Warehouse Facilities.
  7. New Malls to Revolutionize Yangon’s Retail Experience.
  8. Competing Visions for Yangon Region will Elicit Confusion.
  9. Rising Number of Domestic Travellers in Leisure Destinations.
  10. Foreign Investors Will Take a Fresh Look at Myanmar.

To read the original document from Colliers Myanmar, in PDF format, download it here.

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