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6 Tricks to Find an Apartment in Yangon

Posted on August 10, 2016 by mdladmin in Residential Property

It’s not easy to find an apartment in Yangon, but maybe these 6 tricks can help:

1. Focus on One Area of Town, First – Focusing on a limited geographical area helps narrow down the search to find an apartment in Yangon, and JLinyaRoad1allows you opportunity to look at a broad range of condos and apartments – Yangon is full of variety. This is especially important if you are new to Yangon, because you could not possibly imagine the breadth of quality, and craziness of layouts, that you might find in apartments here. Once you have thoroughly scoped your first area, if you don’t like what you see you can still expand to other areas. Yaw Min Gyi area near the Park Royal, Yankin Township with those famous Shwe Ohn Pinh apartments, and Sanchaung Township are top areas at the moment.

2. Prioritize Your Needs – Find the one (or two) criteria that matter most for you, and find those first. Do you really, really want a balcony and are you willing to sacrifice interior quality to get it? Or could you sacrifice the balcony if you found a newly renovated flat with brand new furnishings? Or do you need something within walking distance of your office and are willing to take whatever is best in that area? Picking the top one or two criteria to help narrow in on your search will help you sift through the many apartments in Yangon.  (Need a break from apartment hunting? Go eat at Onxy Steakhouse near the German Embassy).

3. Know Your Budget – Prices are getting more flexible by the day, so everything is negotiable. Telling the agent or owners (or the search bar in the website you use) a maximum price gives them a benchmark to help narrow down the options they present. If you find the right apartment in Yangon but the owner has asked for a price outside your budget, ask your agent to negotiate.

4. Be Flexible – This is Yangon, not Bangkok, so know that you might not get every detail you want, within your budget. That said, there are tons of great apartments in the market now, and new apartments are opening every day.

5. Find an Agent – The market for real estate agents/brokers is relatively unregulated (you should have a license but no one will stop a cousin from helping his aunt rent their family apt), and the network of which person owns what property is fragmented. So, find a small group of agents, or a company that you trust, and ask for their help in sourcing an apartment. Ask for pictures before you tour a place. Respect their introductions, and lean on them if communication with the landlord becomes difficult during your tenancy.

6. Consider a Hotel – Yangon hotels are experiencing historically high occupancy rates, and that’s dropping the average price per room, too. Someone willing to rent for 3 or 6 months at a time may find that hotel managers are willing to be extremely flexible on price. So if you find the right area of town but not the right apartment, go check hotels. We do.


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