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For Myanmar Landowners

Mingalaba.  Find the best tenants for your property by listing it with Myanmar Deals Leasing.

We represent reputable and vetted foreign clients from a broad range of industries (including Oil and Gas, Banking, International Law, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, and Diplomatic Missions) as they search for high quality facilities to lease in Myanmar.

Our clients are interested in all types of spaces:

  • Villas, Houses, Homes
  • Condominiums (Condos) and Apartments
  • Office Spaces
  • Warehouses
  • Retail Shops
  • Vacant Land

MDL works with landowners to conduct a site assessment survey that collects key details – such as location, size, price, quality, and photos – on new properties.  We put these surveys into our private and secure database and create a professional site listing dossier that we show to interested clients.

We have access to a large number of clients and can quickly help promote your property and find the right tenants for you.
To list your property with Myanmar Deals Leasing, contact us today by phone or using the form below.

Phone: 09 553 9999 (English and Myanmar)


The Myanmar Deals Leasing Team

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