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Property Marketing for Myanmar Landowners

Myanmar Deals Leasing adapts proven international real estate marketing strategies for the Myanmar market. This means we can offer Myanmar land and unit owners the very best return on their investments.

We leverage our extensive network of relationships and substantial internet presence to ensure your property is shown at its best to potentially interested parties throughout the world.

For landowners seeking the gold standard in positioning and promoting their property, our VIP service individually brands, positions and markets your property to pre-qualified prospects through dedicated, personalized and intensive marketing strategy.

Exclusively limited to a select few clients, we are the first and only agency in Myanmar to offer this unique service, providing intensive exposure and a guaranteed positioning of your property as a premium offering that stands out from equivalent properties in the market.

Our strategies for property promotion include:

  • Parade of properties – your property will feature in a parade of carefully-chosen viewings for suitable prospects, held over the course of one day, which match potential tenant needs and budget to suitable properties in a geographic cluster. This ensures like-for-like comparison of supply in a particular part of a city in Myanmar which match specified tenant requirements, which can help facilitate a faster transaction process.
  • Property Dispatch – we can include or feature your property in our semi-regular ‘Property Dispatch’, an e-mail portfolio of properties sent to recipients who have specifically indicated a need for space in Myanmar. This list is broader in scope but is carefully maintained and regularly updated for maximum impact and engagement.
  • LinkedIn campaign – We can promote your property through our LinkedIn network, ensuring a wider reach and extensive exposure, through our company page, relevant group pages and – for more specific targeting – pay-per-click advertising.
  • MDL website listing – we will feature your property on our website, MyanmarDealsLeasing.com. With fast-increasing traffic and visitors hailing from the United States, Singapore, the United Kingdom and Thailand as well as within Myanmar, you can ensure your property is shown in the best possible light and reaches a truly international audience.

VIP Access

  • Open House day – we help prepare your property and invite pre-vetted and serious tenants for a personalized and dedicated tour. Our professional, experienced and bi-lingual agents will know the prospects requirements and mode of thinking, making Myanmar Deals Leasing the ideal face for your property and best placed to present it as the solution to tenant needs.
  • Dedicated self-contained website – exclusively focused on the property, hosted on our well-ranked internet servers and aggressively marketed for maximum exposure to qualified prospects, this elegant mini-site will feature a video tour, extensive gallery and detailed property information so that your property receives the premium branding it deserves and reaches serious prospects wherever they are in the world in order to facilitate engagement irrespective of geography.

To list your property with Myanmar Deals Leasing, contact us today by phone or using the form below.

Phone: 09 500 8773 (English and Myanmar)