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Myanmar Deals Leasing

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About Myanmar Deals Leasing Agency in Yangon

Seeking to lease a Yangon house or apartment or lease commercial office space in Myanmar?

Are you a Myanmar landowner who holds property and want to market your property to reach the right tenants and maximize your return on investment?

Myanmar Deals Leasing works with landlords to prepare and market properties to reach the right tenants, and tenants to help them identify the best properties to suit their needs. We are a leader in large-scale and high-quality property leasing in Yangon.

Find out how Myanmar Deals Leasing can help you.


Photo of Moe Zaw MD of Myanmar Deals Leasing

Moe Zoe: Managing Director of Myanmar Deals Leasing

Moe Zaw was born and raised in Yangon, Myanmar. After completing high school, he studied for several years in New York and New Jersey.

On returning to Myanmar in 2011, Moe immersed himself in Myanmar real estate by working in the family-owned Myanmar Deals Real Estate Agency, getting to grips with the workings of the nascent property market. With over 20 years’ experience in the premium real estate sector, Myanmar Deals Real Estate Agency is well-established and highly-regarded in Myanmar.

Moe built on and leveraged his extensive market knowledge by founding Myanmar Deals Leasing in 2012, aiming to serve international organizations in securing and leasing the highest-quality commercial and residential properties available throughout the country.