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Property Type: Commercial Property - Office in Yangon

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Commercial Property - Office in Yangon

See the listings below for a sample of the office space in Yangon, serviced offices in Yangon, retail outlets, and other commercial property leases Myanmar Deals Leasing (MDL) has available in Yangon and across Myanmar. To access our full portfolio, schedule an in-office consultation.

We have helped clients from all types of industries, seeking a diverse range of spaces, over the past 4 years.  We recently helped an NGO set up a first office in country and supported a telecom company find a new project office in a commercial office tower.  We helped an oil and gas firm find space in the Central Business District, and we conducted a city-wide office market survey on behalf of one of Europe’s largest companies in Yangon.

Want to rend an office in Yangon?  We can help!  Need to find an office in Yangon? We can help!  Need to establish an office in Yangon? That’s our favorite.

For information on a broad range of commercial offices in Yangon, including many listings we don’t have on file, visit www.YangonOfficeSpace.com.  Tell them we sent you!